Formolded hooks on injection molding car seats, vehicle canopy, door panels, molded hooksof the interior or touch fastenerof interior accessories, PAIHO has corresponding solutions for you to choose. Meet the functional requirements of your brand, streamline production processes, save costs, and increase efficiency.

Seat System

PAIHO molded hooks make the car seat system assembly more convenient and easy to loose, and to increase output without putting on the input. Products could also be customized into irregular shapes to be in line with the design requirements of the seat, which are beautiful and comfortable.

Car Mats

Car mats not only belong to the interior decoration, but also couldeffectively protect the carpet, and improve comfort. PAIHOTouch Fasteners could make the mats smooth and matching with easy removal and installation, which is convenient, beautiful and does not affect driving safety.

  • Carpet fastening
  • Temporary protection and binding

Canopy Products

PAIHO Touch Fasteners could quickly and easily fasten the canopy, reduce assembly time and tally with the space between the canopy and the roof, which could effectively reduce the noise and does not affect the appearance.

  • Gaskets & Fillers
  • Reinforced skylights
  • Eliminating hot melt adhesive when assembling the canopy

Interiors Assembly

PAIHO cable ties and traceless buckles could be effectively applied in the storage of the trunk and internal space, and improve space utilization.

  • Trim Panel
  • Dashboard
  • Lines Finishing
  • Curtain Assembly