Consumer Electronics

As for all kinds of digital electronic products, PAIHO products could provide the corresponding professional plans. No matter what products they need, being bundled cable ties, equipment lanyards, or elasticsfixing, PAIHO couldmeet their demands, and enhance product texture and quality.

Digital Acoustics Equipment:

VR video equipment headband fixing could usePAIHO elastics.Its stable quality could meet the characteristics of repeated use. It is not easy to deform, the length could be adjusted, and it is comfortable to wear. Meanwhile, according to customers’ requirements, we provide customized products with unique sense of design.

  • Wearing adjustment and fixing

Electronic 3C

PAIHO Drawcords use a variety of weaving process, changing lines, and rich colors to meet the innovative design application of customers. With PAIHO, the overall product will have an additional experience in daily entertainment, and travelling relaxation.

  • Portable hanging
  • Easy to carry

Beam Management

During the beam finishing throughout the process, PAIHOmolded hook ties perfectly replaced the traditional definition of the banding, and have the function of length adjustment, and repeated use.After the customized manufacturing, they could be further processed into fancy ties with brilliant colors, and changing shapes, so as toadd decorative elements into the traditional tie.

  • The beam line finishing and fixation
  • Temporary bundling
  • Pipe routing