Home Textiles

PAIHO Touch Fasteners enjoy the characteristics of waterproof, temperature resistance. They have diverse colors, and novel and unique design, which could stimulate your unlimited imagination. They are suitable for household items use, and easy to operate. Customized design makes your home out of the ordinary.

Luggage Bind Belt

PAIHO Luggage bind belts could freely adjust the length, and applied to a variety of sizes of luggage. They are colorful so that you could recognize it immediately, so that you could find a significant savings in the time to find luggage. They have high hook hair viscosity to provide safe protection for checked luggage.

Sanitary Essentials

PAIHO Waterproof molded hooks are thin and durable with super shear strength lengthwise. They could help customers with convenience, reduce costs and improve efficiency. We provide a variety of solutions to meet the design of household essentials.

Gift Packaging

PAIHO Webbings are colorful with various types, adding many post-processing technology to stimulate unlimited creativity. For a variety of gift packaging decorations and paper bag beams, our products could add more impressive elements to your gifts.